Tuesday, 24 March 2015

We speak the same language

One of my favourite bloggers and fellow mama Cass did such a cool post over on her blog Miss Cass Lee called "You know your a mom when..." I could totally relate to all of it, especially the scoop poop out of the bath bit. I'll never forget the first time it happened (yes it has happened more than once). I was just so mortified.

I loved her post so much I just had to do my own little list.

You Know your a mom...

When you smell the butt of a tiny person during a conversation or in a public place like its the most normal thing to do.

When the appearance of a tooth gets a Wimbledon win like applause.
When you and the husband quote phrases from the tiny persons favourite movie in adult conversation.
When a runny nose catches you off guard with not a tissue in sight and you end up wiping it with the bottom of your dress.
When you are still listening to the nursery rhyme’s CD 15 minutes after you’ve dropped your kid off at school.

When the bottom of all your sliding doors are covered in tiny Peanut butter hand prints.
When the fact that you are spending your Saturday morning in Toys R Us rather than wine tasting with your friends doesn't bother you one bit.
When your husband asks you where the Marmite/pasta/cereal is and you answer “In the Flings Cupboard”

When you spend 20 minutes talking to total strangers in Woolworths because they have a little boy the same age as yours.
When you become a parent you belong to this huge community of people who all speak the same language. You can be total strangers but you will always have something in common. And that's just fabulous.