Monday, 20 October 2014

Superstar gifts for a 1st Birthday

As I sent out the invitations for Ben's 1st Birthday party (Party post will be up soon. Finally) I suddenly got a bunch of replies with the subject "Gift ideas for Ben"
Uhm... At the time Ben was into unpacking my Tupperware drawer and ripping toilet rolls into a million pieces but I doubt people will be too thrilled with a gift list of Tupperware and toilet rolls. So I franticly googled: Gift ideas for one year olds.

Luckily most people ignored my boring list and Ben ended up getting some pretty sweet stuff. Such a lucky boy.

Its been 2 months since the party. I've had lots of time to watch him test out all his new treasures and here is my list of favourites for anyone having to shop for a one year old.

The first thing my dad said after we told him we were having a baby was "I'm buying him a scooter for his 1st birthday" And so he did. You can buy these at any toy store but this particular Mickey Mouse one is from Checkers Hyper.

This castle tent is from Crazy Store and cost R200. Ben loves to hide in it when we play pee ka boo/hide and seek. Its also available in pink. Fill it with colourful balls, also from the Crazy Store and its a fun time guaranteed.

Available at Mambo's or Plastics for Africa.

Bright Starts Roll o Pop Airplane from Toys R Us.

Ben loves any walker/push type toy. Out of all his toys its definitely his favourite's.

The table has a hole in it for sand or water and as soon as summer starts I'm moving it to the garden. Table and chair both from Mambo's. 

I recently saw this cute table and chair set at Nevada Furniture. A little more pricey than the plastic stuff at R599 but so pretty. I'm putting this on Ben's Christmas wishlist.

We had this at Ben's party and the kids loved it. The slide was a pre birthday gift from my parents. Both the slide and sea shell is from Mambo's and the balls from Crazy Store.

*Side note: Ben was a very early walker and is extremely active so most of these gifts relate to this. Other superstar gifts not mentioned here include Duplo and books. You can never go wrong with a good book

Happy shopping!