Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Time to say Goodbye

It’s hard to believe I wrote this (The Hardest part) post a mere 5 months ago.  Feels like ages ago. We have come so far and learned so much.

When I wrote the post I was feeling very depressed, extremely emotional and like I was being punished. 5 months later and 3 days to go at my current temp job and I must admit it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.  Work was boring but the people I worked with were pretty awesome. Yes there were days where I was so tired and overwhelmed by trying to juggle a full time job and responsibilities at home that it made me crazy hysterical but there were also days where we managed it all and that made me feel quite proud.

I also loved watching my little boy develop into such an awesome little guy partly thanks to the amazing people at his daycare.  As I sit here feeling all emotional about the fact that Thursday will be his last day at school, I cannot even believe I am the same person who cried every morning after dropping him off at school.  I could not have dreamed a better daycare for him.   Such an amazing bunch of people and Ben has gotten so attached to each and every one of them. He also loved the daily interaction with his fellow mostly 2 teethed friends.

So what now? I have joined Recruit my Mom and the ideal situation would be to find a part time job so I can earn the extra money we so need, get the grown up interaction that is sometimes lacking when you are a stay at home mom while still being able to spend lots of time with baby boy. Best of both worlds.  I know ‘best of both worlds’ means everyone is gunning for the few part time jobs available making it difficult to find one but I am choosing to be optimistic.

As we are in the process of moving house, leaving the beautiful but very expensive to rent in Stellenbosch behind for a bigger house in Strand (we are becoming beach people) I am relieved to have some time available to get the new house us-ready.  I am excited to once again be able  to enjoy my baby boys sleepy wake up smile instead of forcing him to wake up so we can get him dressed for daycare. I am also very excited to once again be master of my own time (or at least the time Ben allows me to be master of) but man I’m going to miss that paycheck.

Ben at School

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  1. Aaah man, that's so exciting that you get to be home with your munchkin.
    I hope the move goes really well - looking forward to meeting you soon!