Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Almost one

I am big on celebrating special occasion. Planning parties is like a Lindt Chocolate Brownie slab while watching Orange is the new Black on a rainy afternoon for my soul.  I love coming up with themes, doing the d├ęcor, creating a playlist and playing host.  Like Monica from Friends  “I am always the host”

So you can imagine the level of excitement about planning my baby boy’s first birthday party (except for the fact that the idea of him turning 1 is kind of a mood killer. How did my baby grow up so fast?)  But let me tell you, planning a first birthday party is a whole new ball game.  It might even be more stressful than planning a wedding. Why do I say that? Not because I’m one of those over the top kiddie party moms who fly in Charlize Theron to greet guests at the door. It’s because when planning a wedding you don’t have to work around nap times.  Deciding on the perfect time of day to have the party has been driving me bonkers.

For most parents with babies who nap at the same time every single day this might be piece of cake but when there’s too much excitement around Ben he will fight a nap till someone becomes an over tired cry baby and that someone is usually me.  So over weekends with family or friends visiting there’s no such thing as a definite nap TIME.

Next up is venue worries. I envisioned this lovely garden party with little one’s running around the green grass. Obviously forgetting the fact that baby boy’s birthday is beginning of August and that last year the week he was born the whole Western Cape flooded. So indoor venue it’ll be.
We move into our new house 2 weeks before the party and there is just no way that it’ll be ready (or big enough) to host the party.  Party venues in my area all cater to older kids or when booking the venue you are forced to also take their overpriced boring party packs. No thanks.

Problem number 3. Guest list.  Our close friends are mostly single or newly married.  The friends with babies/kids we will be inviting don't really know each other. If you count the kids with their parents, our childless close friends and our families we are standing at 60 guests. Way to much for a kiddies party.  So we had to cut our close friends from the guest list.  This breaks my heart.
See my problem.

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