Thursday, 17 April 2014

My favourite baby products - The diaper bag

When we first decided to try for a baby, we weren’t as financially strong as we would have liked to be, but as the clock was ticking we decided that waiting would be foolish. And except for the delivery/hospital part, how expensive can a tiny little baby be? They just poo and sleep. Its only once you start paying school fee’s that you need the money and by that time we’ll be sorted. Oh poor naïve us. When that shopping list of “Must haves” came I nearly fainted. From the pram to the baby carrier, bouncy chairs and car seats, babies are expensive.

Luckily I wasn’t too picky when it came to the big money spender; the pram. We got a very reasonably priced 3 wheel Chelino with infant car seat from BabyBoom and then a second hand Maclaren stroller which I actually use most of the time. Our bottle warmer, steamer and a bunch of other goodies we bought second hand as well.

But every mom has that one thing that she’s fussy over. For me it was the diaper bag (and the baby carrier, but more on that later).  I wanted something functional yet stylish. I wanted a gender neutral bag cause I wanted husband to be comfortable walking around with it as well. There’s nothing worse than making a grown man carry a huge pink bag or one covered in Teddy or Toy Story print.

Nothing I saw in the shops were right. I down right hated almost all of them. I started looking on the internet and fell in love with the US Brand Skip Hop, that was until my Sister in Law from the UK emailed me about Pacapod Diaper bags.

I watched the promo video on the website and that was it. Sold.  It was completely out of my budget but it was exactly what I was looking for and I knew I just had to have one.

The Pacapod is stylish, functional, good quality and easy to clean. The bag consist of 2 compartments, one for clothes, toys, mom's etc. and then another fitted with 2 mini Pods: a changing Pod and a Feeder Pod. These Pods can also be taken out of the bag and used separately or attached to the Pram. The Feeder pod is like a little cooler bag and once kids are older the feeder bag can be used as a lunch pack.

  I chose the Mirano Pacapod in navy.  It's also available in white.


  From their website:

The PacaPod Mirano bag has taken its inspiration from Riviera chic and has a stylish mix of natural fabrics and soft leather, with fashionable buckle details to create a truly iconic silhouette. Tucked discreetly inside this cavernous bag (32 litre plus capacity) are PacaPods unique and detachable feeder and changing pod for storing baby feeding and changing items. All neatly wrapped up in a stunning baby bag outer.

I ended up getting my bag as a babyshower gift from my Parents in law for which I am so very grateful.

If you have a bit of extra money and a friend who won't mind playing courier on their next trip to SA (they do however ship to SA, if you don't mind spending the extra cash) I would seriously suggest you look at a Pacapod bag.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

*All images from the Pacapod website.

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