Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Long-time overdue

Ever since my gorgeous baby boy was born on 12 August 2013 via Emergency C-Section I had this urge to start a blog.  As a first time mom, who decided to give the Antenatal classes a skip, I was feeling worry, pain, anxiety, excitement, sadness, happiness, extreme exhaustion, devotion and so much love.  There was also lots of crying for no reason and feet swollen so badly from the c-section that the only shoes that fit was my (very warm) Ugg boots; pair this with always feeling like you are about to overheat due to breastfeeding and you have a situation that comes very close to Chinese water torture.
It was a huge amount of emotions that I needed to get on paper and share with like minded people. But with a newborn in winter washing tiny little fluffy onesies, frantically trying to control the room temperature with a heater and breastfeeding around the clock there was just no time to sit around and play on the internet.
 7 months later and I finally got the blog up and running. The bipolar emotions have settled down a bit (my husband is so relieved) and I’ve caught up on some of that missing sleep. So I guess only starting the blog now is a bit of a moo point. But I do think I have some tips to share, stories to tell and having a place to document my life with my boys is always a win.


  1. Welcome to blog land! I also have a baby boy and golden retriever! :-D Look forward to seeing more of you around. PS your son is SO cute.

    1. Thank you SO much friendly! Baby boy and golden retriever is the best combo to have. So excited for all the adventures they will have together :)