Monday, 1 September 2014

Bye bye August, Hello Spring!

Happy Spring day! My favourite month. No wait, December is my favourite month, but September is a close second.

August was all about new beginnings, big moments and crazy emotions.

You see 31 July I finished my temp job, Ben had his last day at Daycare, a place we grew rather fond of, and we moved from Stellenbosch to Strand. It was the most exhausting day. That night when I fell into bed between all the boxes I was all goodbye'd out.

Our little 2 bedroom house gave us 6 years of awesomeness.  The main reason we got the house was because of the amazing backyard. We have wanted to get a dog for so long. A month after moving in we got our Golden Retriever Knox and he immediately proceeded to steal hearts and destroy said backyard.  During those 6 years in our house we got engaged, married, husband started and then 3 years later closed his own business, had many Christmas parties in the backyard with fairy lights and a fire, had a baby and became a family of 3 (4 if you count the fur baby). It was Ben's first home even though he will never remember it.  Thanks for the memories little house. You did us good.

Then on 12 August my baby boy became my toddler boy. This means we took our last Hippo photo this year.  Taking Hippo photo's has become such a big part of our month that I cannot believe its over.  Towards the end it became such a big mission, he just would not sit still but I am so very very happy that we kept going.  If you only take one bit of advice from this 'new' mom let it be this: Take a monthly pic of your baby for the first year. It is something you will treasure always.
On 16th of August we had a Lion King birthday party for Ben. Organizing a birthday party while moving into a new house was rough. I felt like crying a few times. I was just feeling so overwhelmed by all the boxes looking at me while I was baking cupcakes and making cake toppers. But I am so glad I took a time out from unpacking to do the party. The look on his face as the little party guests sang 'Happy Birthday' made it so worth it. It really was one of the best days ever.

So August, thanks for all the excitement. It was a wild ride. Here's to spring braai's at our new house and my Birthday. Man I love birthdays.

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