Friday, 26 September 2014

Birthday girl

On Sunday 21 September I turned 32. THIRTY TWO! How'd that happen?

As you get older the usual birthday excitement comes with a tiny side order of depression. Suddenly getting older isn't just something you side step on the way to your Birthday cocktails. Getting older becomes a real thing. You become frighteningly aware of your own mortality. You also become very aware of the fact that when you turn a year older so does your parents.  Suddenly your only birthday wish is for them to be around as long as you are because you just cannot imagine life without them. Depressed yet?  Okay so lets move on to happy thoughts.

Last year I had a pretty horrible birthday.  Husband woke up sick and was not in the mood to celebrate. My parents were on holiday and so were most of my friends. Ben was just over a month old and I was pretty much 90% pregnancy hormones and baby blues. This resulted in me feeling very abandoned and I pretty much spent half the day crying.  So I approached this years Birthday with a sense of dread. I was careful not to get too excited because I will most probably end up disappointed. BUT I had the most fantastic day. Hoorah!

We spent the weekend at the in laws holiday house on the West Coast. Its one of my most favourite places to relax. When I'm there I have zero troubles.

Although Saturday was a bit chilly I got the most perfect sunny day for my birthday.  Spending the day with my two boys at the beach was just perfect.  That night when I fell into bed I felt horribly ill from all the food I consumed all weekend long but also very loved and oh so very thankful for the amazing people in my life. Yes getting older is a hard pill to swallow but it is also such a privilege. I survived another year. So here's to being 32.


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  1. Oh man I totally relate with having no expectations, quite a few other times it's been disastrous when I have. Looks like you had a fantastic time - yay!!